C.V. Carlos Zwick

Born on 19.10.1951 in Sonthofen/Allgäu, father of 6 children, lives in Berlin since 1979

1951 Born in Sonthofen/Allgäu as second of 5 children
1968 German secondary education certificate
1968–1971 Carpentry apprenticeship examination at Chamber in Sonthofen
1971–1972 Technical Baccalaureat examination
1972–1973 Internships as carpenter
1973–1974 Trips to North and Central Africa
1974–1978 Architecture studies at University of Applied Sciences in Munich, diploma degree
1978–1979 Two more trips to Nord, East and Central Africa
1979–1983 Architecture and urban design studies at Technical University in Berlin, university degree
1979–1983 Parallel to university studies, acquistion and renovation of a factory in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 32, with 13 other shareholders, building a new floor on the garden house
1983–1986 Freelancer at Feddersen, von Herder & Partner architecture office
1986–1988 Construction of a wood house in Allgäu in cooperation with his brother
1988–1993 Assistant professor at Prof. Kandel’s chair at the Technical Univesity of Berlin, Institute of housing, economic and space saving buildings. Classes for freshman students in design theory and construction design
1989 Establishment of the architecture office Carlos Zwick
1997 Relocation of the office in a new building on Torellstraße 7 in Berlin-Friedrichshain
2009 Relocation of the office on a floor in a former factory building on Feurigstraße 59 in Berlin-Schöneberg
2012 Relocation of the office on a floor in a former factory building on Crellestraße 29-30 in Berlin-Schöneberg